The Technopagan Tarot v2 (Void Edition)

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You come a bright white building in the middle of nowhere with only endless shadows for neighbors. There are no lights on in the windows, but off to the side you find a warm light spilling from a slightly open inky black door. Curious, you quietly inch towards the door to overhear someone talking. 

"Look closer, there's something there...just beneath the surface that stirs the imagination and resonates in the soul. At its core, in its simplest form, we framed what remained."

Hello Stranger,

I think it would be a little hard to say which style of Tarot this deck borrows from, don't you? I wanted something that looked like it came from the world of Strange and Savage, something that would be personal to Strange, the character. I like the simplicity of the sigils on parchment and the layers of shadows and the edges of frame to give a flat card a hint of depth. This upgrade features a slight addition to the watery background, gently playing off Rorschach ink blots. 

Throughout my life, my collection of decks have been through several moves, traveling up and down the state, and bouncing around backpacks. The idea of "portable magic" is personal to me. A simple set of cards can inspire a conversation or shift your perspective when things get to be too much. With this deck of sigils, I hope it helps you find a little strength and/or a lot of peace, should you need it when you need it.

Does it come with a little white book? This deck doesn't come with a LWB. I put the a general reference directly on the card. 

What do the sigils mean? The word at the top of the circle frame relates to the sigil.  The word at the bottom of the circle relates loosely to the card's reversed meaning. Our sigils are made and sealed for freshness in house at Strange and Savage, your gift shop on the edge of the Void. 

**WARNING: To avoid risk of sub-intentional programmatic malediction or arcane backlash, do not break, overheat, lick, or tamper with the card’s internal liquid reservoir or protective casing.

Cards come in a black velvet bag. We use industry-standard cardstock with a blue core for its flexibility and with a glossy finish to highlight the different layers. Every deck sold is printed to order so it doesn't start the production process doesn't start until you order it. Because of this, it can take some time before it is ready to ship. Thank you for being patient with this process!

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