The Technopagan Tarot v.1

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Please allow for 1-2 weeks for processing and manufacturing.

The Technopagan Tarot: 78 cards, 78 sigils. 

Are all the cards different colors? Yes. 

Does it come with a little white book? This deck doesn't come with a LWB. Partly because I put the meanings directly on the card. 

What do the sigils mean? On the upright card face, the word at the top of the circle relates to the sigil which is based on the traditional meaning of the card. The word at the bottom of the circle relates to the card's reversed meaning. 

Okay but how do I use this deck? 
Maybe you recreate the sigils with flowers from your garden. Or trace the sigil for courage in the steam of a bathroom mirror before a big interview. Or use it for journaling. Maybe you're stuck on something and you want to see what the cards conjure up to introduce a different way of thinking about it. Maybe put a card on your altar as a gentle reminder of what you're working on or towards. All the sigils relate to you, healing, understanding, being brave, loving yourself, etc. 

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