Prototype Booster Pack (9 cards from 3 decks)

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The Keys to Elsewhere decks are primarily designed for personal readings and introspection, meeting yourself where you're at. 

Comes with 10 cards total: 
(3) from Keys to Elsewhere: Thresholds
(3) from Keys to Elsewhere: Souls
(3) from both the Technopagan Tarot Full Color edition and the Void Edition
(1) Information card for the QR codes

For almost a year now, I've been working on the Keys to Elsewhere, a set of decks designed to both work alongside Tarot and Oracle cards and be used on their own. Looking at how people talked about their experiences with personal readings I realized when people were talking about their cards roasting them they were talking about a kind of vulnerability with themselves. I was curious if there was a way to give personal readings a little more focus and began working on Keys to Elsewhere. 

Source of Inspiration: Using the 12 Jungian Archetypes as a starting point, I looked at how people talked about the archetypes. I saw that several websites had a quiz to find "your one true archetype". But the longer I looked at them I saw that we engage with some version of all the types at various points in our lives, sometimes more than one at the same time. Instead of approaching them as separate roles to step into, I reimagined them** as Houses, spaces within ourselves, with different rooms to explore. This is how we arrived at the Thresholds. 

**Keys to Elsewhere used the archetypes as inspiration, focusing on the relationship between a person and the archetype, i.e. Desire was inspired by the Lovers but applies to romantic relationships and beyond, like ambitions, goals, dreams. 

The Thresholds: 
The 12 Houses are Metamorphosis, Peace, Balance, Faith, Desire, Being, Creation, Curiosity, Experience, Emotion, Initiative, and Connection. Within each House is a set of 5 rooms, Neutral, Past, Future, Internal and External. Neutral is the entryway of the House, the general layout of the house. Past is the attic or basement where memories are kept, things we're holding onto. Future is the garden, yard where we plant and tend to things for them to grow. Internal is the bedroom or office, our relationship to ourselves. External is where people congregate, living room or kitchen, our relationship to other people. 

The Souls: 
These are invitations to conversations with yourself. These are a way to become more aware of the overlap between two of the Houses. Like how we feel affecting what we think of ourselves or how what we're connected to, engaged with affects what we believe. The questions on the QR code are a place to start approaching yourself with curiosity. 

The Technopagan Tarot v2: 
Included here in case you don't have your own yet. This deck uses the Rider Waite framework to inspire the sigils for introspection. 

How to Use: 
I managed to squeeze a lot into a card so there are different ways to work with the Keys to Elsewhere. The decks can be used individually or with other decks. I primarily tested it on Tarot and Oracle decks. The prompts can be used as a way of checking in and/or learning more about yourself. 

The QR codes contain both a prompt and a pronunciation guide for the sigil name/audible sigils. I find it to be a gentle reminder that is always something new to learn and it makes me laugh. Start the reading off with a little mirth. 
Alternatively, if you don't want to say the names: 
Thresholds: example: House of Emotion, Neutral State
Souls: example: Soul of Being and Emotion

I'm looking forward to sharing more about Keys to Elsewhere with you soon. 
Thank you.