"Actual Goth" Pin

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This one clearly needs backstory before someone feels a type of way. About five or so years there was a shift in what it meant to be a goth, what participating in the culture of goth was about. I find that some people look to it for familiarity through homogenous identity by way of fashion. Others subscribe to a definition where at the very least to have claim to the name you had to making something to contribute to the culture; music, art, fashion, storytelling, something. So as the debates about gatekeeping and elitism got heated and distracted, I originally made patches that said "actual goth" to see who it spoke to. This particular phrase has yielded interesting conversations throughout its existence, not all unpleasant. 

Honestly, I think it's a little tongue and cheek in response to the gatekeeping. 

Pin measures 1.5" and hopes you have a nice day.