Luxurious Crystal Lot Gift Set

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In the Luxurious Lot set, there's plenty for you and plenty for them. Perfect for stocking stuffers, last minute gifts, or treating yourself for getting through 2022. 

This holiday set is available until December 17th.

Gift Set Includes:
(1) Amethyst Pendant with 18" - 20" Necklace
(1) Amethyst Ring
(1) Crazy Lace Agate Pendant with 18" - 20" Necklace
(1) Crazy Lace Agate Ring
(1) Opalite Ring
(1) Opalite Pendant with 18" - 20" Necklace
(1) Labradorite Pendant with 18" - 20" Necklace
(1) Labradorite Ring
(3) Moonstone and Snowflake Obsidian Bracelets
(1) Tourmaline and Black Skull Braclet

That's in total 
4 Necklaces
4 Rings
4 Bracelets 

This bundle is a great way to get several pieces for a discounted rate in time for the holidays.

Happy Holidays from your gift shop on the edge of the Void.