Welcome to Strange and Savage. I'm delighted to have you stop by.

By taking on this name, I was able to define myself as myself for myself, which was liberating. But being comfortable and confident in who I am is only one part of this journey through life. My skull logo represents the relationship a person can have with themselves and their relationship to the world around them. The intersection of these two relationships is represented by the two halves. (I am slightly tempted to animate it to show that aha moment of everything clicking into place.)

My interpretation of the Void in this story is one of limitless potential. We are constantly shifting, becoming, healing, learning as we figure out what it means for us to really live in this world.

The things I make are designed to accent other pieces, either as an accent to an ensemble or as a stand-alone feature of flair. I started crafting when hope was a challenge to come by, and the process of creation has always carried me through the different chapters of my life. I see it as a tangible representation of hope and change, turning something into something more.

Please have a look around and thank you for visiting.
Have a lovely day.