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I approached the #blackgirlfollowtrain on TikTok like a networking event. I was excited to meet new people and learn about their content. At the same time, some users cautioned that too many followers and not enough engagement could create problems for your engagement rate. For me, I wanted to find people making content in the genres I was interested in and could collaborate with.

making a content map
The first step was actively figuring out what kind of content I was interested in. I started with the general categories; books, social media marketing, crafters, etc. Then I went through each category and specified the subcategories I’m interested in. For example, I’m more interested in #bookrecommendations than I am #bookbinding. This process also encouraged me to consider the different types of content I wanted to create and what hashtags I would use for my own posts. 

the benefits of having a guide
Making the content map has made social media easier and more efficient for me. Prior to taking an organized approach to social media, I found that I was easily distracted and could spend way too much time scrolling aimlessly. There’s a difference between interesting content and content I’m interested in. Now, I find myself enjoying social media more since I have a clearer idea of what I want out of my user experience.

In terms of engagement, I try to ask a question on my mutual posts so they can talk more about their products for viewers. At the very least emojis or a compliment on their work to help increase their engagement. Also it helps to copy the link and repost. I appreciate the people who do this on my posts. Thank you. 

I will say that this process takes a little more time but has been very rewarding so far. Clearly defining the genres of media I was looking to engage with has saved me from scrolling the time away. After having social media be a primary way of socializing for the early years of COVID, it has been nice to have something that helps me stay present in an ocean of content. 


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