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What is the Strange Life?

A lot of fucking work is what it is. Lol. All right, real answer? We'll start with how it used to be Living the Goth Life. I was at, what? Oh, did you expect this to be an intimate guide, a doorway into another lifestyle with pictures of this booty in occult Wednesday Addams mash ups? Tutorials out the belfry of perfect black lipstick and Nu Goth boxer braids? Sit your ass down and head over to @thestrangegoth on Instagram. There's your "guide". 

Where was I?

Oh yes, Living the Goth Life. So it was way back when we (this generation of goth kids) all had blogs and we were constantly exploring the definitions of community and culture and goth, and it was great. Defining things is actually incredibly easy, putting it into practice to design a lifestyle or an art form, not so much. A lot of my friends stopped using the goth label with their good reasons, but I stuck with it, knowing full well it was still very much a part of my identity (in a world where sometimes that decision is made for me). But you may have also noticed a lot of Wonderland posts or tags around here...

So Strange Life is like Wonderland Goth?

Not quite. I've never been one for simple things and the Strange Life is no exception. It definitely  feels more of a philosophical journey than a glamorous lifestyle, rooted heavily in creation and weaving big fantastic ideas into the mundane. I say that as opposed to seeing one part of myself as "vanilla" (my normal life)  and the other part an "escape" (when I'm gothed out for the gods). So Wonderland is actually a big deal for me, I use it as a reservoir of inspiration, but mostly the logical aspects of it. There are conversations and papers about perception of reality, how we see ourselves as individuals in our minds, all sorts of fun stuff. I think that's incredibly important as I live in an individual centered (vs community centered) consumeristic American society where concepts like escapism are very important but haphazardly executed. I mean, the amount of posts about self care is ever mounting but why we so desperately need self care, the root of the problem, is still a conversation waiting to be had. 

Ah, yes the Strange Life...

Yes, what is that?

Strange is an open term, it gives me a lot of freedom in what I make, more than goth does even though the majority of what I do  reflects a wide variety of goth influences (I include things that have inspired goth media even if those things themselves are not #goth). If I had to sum it up... "Life is a conversation, and we can talk about the weather or we can talk about something interesting." It's not always perfect or grandiose, the Strange Life includes finding the strength to out on pants and make coffee because those moments also a part So I get very bored with polished and perfect quickly. There's a lot of resentment for scripted customer service (even though I enjoy working customer service greatly) and for wasted time in pretending everything is as real as my Instagram tells you it is. It's not fashionable to ignore the pleasure or the chase of fantasy life, of sexuality, of subtlety. But you have loads of people exploring that, my voice adds nothing to that conversation if I fell into that line. 

So I sit and watch and occasionally, if you'll listen, talk about nonsense and the shadows of those things.

 You still haven't given me anything I can use in my own life.

Honesty. Openness. Respect. To everything, from the food you eat to the media you consume, to the people around you, to yourself. Forgiveness. Compassion. Love. In the way you move to the things you make and you'll be fine.

To experience what mischief I’ve been up to in my absence, I highly recommend you go check out the YouTube channel and the store. It seems to have gotten…stranger. Huh. For other brighter sides to living the strange life, you know where to find me: Instagram (@thestrangegoth) and Facebook.

Until next time, 

Don't be hungry for life. Be ravenous.

Zakkarrii Edison Daniels

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